Концепция изменения цен на недвижимость

Glenview real estate market update – zip code 60026, Sept 2016

It’s true, the scenarios with each home sale could be wildly different depending on the timing, competition, buyer’s need/emotion, etc. However, in a relatively homogeneous market, (Glenview, for instance) understanding the market could help you better strategize and manage your expectations; hence more knowledge = less stress + better gains

Here’s my short analysis of the Glenview zip 60026 market as of Sept 2016.

This month, the 60026 market has been pretty stable and, you got it, hot. If you overlook the small price fluctuations during the summer months, compared to last year, this area is really on the rise. Recent sales activity is about 25% higher than the prior month.

Because of the relatively small inventory (3.9 months inventory), homes generally sell at a pretty good price. But for the winter listings, days on market could be a wild card, some of them reach over 120 days, whereas others (circa Christmas) sell at no time.

Two little tables for last month’s market activity for your viewing pleasureglenview-60026-sept-2016

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